Coaches Corner


Catch The Pop-Ups

Outfielders are, in most people’s opinions, the most important players on a baseball team. You’ve seen them in the outfield, behind the diamond. Their job is to catch pop-ups, hold the runners at their bases, and stop anything that can go past them. Here’s one of the best outfielders ever, Vladimier Guerrero. Let’s start with […]

Catch The Ball

To catch your partner should throw the baseball. You should try to catch the ball in the web of the glove not the pocket . Try to catch the ball with two hands one hand in the glove and one covering the glove after you catch the ball. When a ground ball comes to you […]

Learn To Throw A Baseball

First stretch a little bit. Then try to throw the baseball to your partner try not to throw it under hand or side arm. Underhand is not good for the arm, and it’s better to learn overhand when you’re just starting. For now try to stay at least 10-15ft apart. Just keep throwing the ball […]